Coppins' Bush

In 1981 the school helped to develop nearby Coppin's Bush as a community facility. This pocket of native bush has been preserved in its natural state so that native flora and fauna can be observed and appreciated. Students from Littlehampton school regularly visit the bushland site during the year, observing the seasonal changes. During spring, students are able to identify several species of native plants. In the past, a small group of volunteer students have worked with members of the Friends of Coppin's Bush to learn the techniques of weeding in native bushland.

Energy Saving Program

Littlehampton school is involved in an energy saving program that aims to develop an awareness in the students and wider community about the importance of saving our energy and energy resources. The school's involvement in the Solar Schools Program has helped to raise the profile of energy saving practices and the investigation of alternative and renewable energy sources. Through the program, our school has not only reduced its own energy consumption but through its 12 solar panels, is contributing to the state's electricity supply without producing greenhouse gases.

Schools' Clean Up Australia Day

Students at Littlehampton School are always involved in a Clean Up Day in the school and community as part of the Clean Up Australia Day Campaign. After Clean Up Day, students weigh and analyse the rubbish collected and take out any items that can be recycled. The lessons learnt from the analysis raises the awareness of students to the problem of litter and helps to develop anti-littering strategies in the school and the community.


Green Team Forum Group

Involve students and the community to rethink, reduce, reuse and recycle through litter free lunches on Thursdays and providing a recycling program for paper, plastics, 10c deposit items, bottles and batteries.


Super Savers Forum Group

Continue to look at ways to reduce energy use in the school by monitoring lights and air conditioner use. They are also looking at ways to save water, monitoring leaking taps etc..


Yard Savers Forum Group

This group looks at ways to beautify our schoolyard. The activities they are involved in include weeding, planting, mulching and sweeping.


Junior Youth Environment Council

Each year 4 senior students with an interest in environmental issues are selected to be a part of this programme.

They meet with other students to discuss matters that are important to them, gain new knowledge about the environment and create a manageable action plan to achieve an environmental goal at their school. Some of the students go on to become members of the more senior version of this group at high school. Both groups are managed by the Murray-Darling Basin Natural Resource Management Board.

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